Said about Previous Workshops

Ivar Gundersen:
I learned a lot during Otto’s workshop. His lectures were very good and not the least, I learned a lot from the picture critique and the discussions.

Martin Frey:
I learned a lot and Otto encouraged me to try new approaches to my photography. The organization of the workshop was perfect.

Hilde Øye:
I was very inspired to learn more. The picture critique was very useful and educational. This is where you see how things can be done differently, what was good and how to do it next time.

About Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Blue Hour Photo Workshops offers a whole range of products and services. Besides the schedule workshops announced on our web site, we can also offer custom made workshops from one day to two weeks, we can offer lectures on a variety of themes and we will also soon be able to publish our first photo magazine on a digital platform. More to come.

Blue Hour Photo Workshops was founded by the photographers Otto von Münchow from Norway and Sven Creutzmann from Germany after many years of giving workshops, together and individually. Both felt that there was a need and demand to expand the offer of workshops by creating a network of highly qualified photographers capable of teaching courses at all levels, from beginners, serious amateurs to professionals; in other words: Whoever loves photography! It’s with this purpose we teach our workshops.

Participants during the
last workshop in Cuba