Read some testimonials by the Bolivia 2010 workshop participants:

«For the first time in 20 years I’ve gone 7 days without listening to music, because all my inspiration and passion was directed into photography. I’ve gained confidence and learned a practical and intelligent method of thinking before/during/after shooting.»
Erik Fossen

«The workshop was all about constructive critique that inspired to stretch myself to levels I had never perceived before. I believe I am a better photographer today than I was 10 days ago.»
Are Actander Vik

«I developed greatly as a photographer. Learned a lot about what makes a good picture.»
Erik Faarlund

«I have become more conscious about what a good picture is. I have gained lots of practice and had constructive critique that I have tried to learn from.»
Anna Wuttudal

«I am more to the point when I shoot/choose my photos. I know more about what a photo is – good/bad/special purpose, etc. Every day was useful.»
Svein Per Hardeberg

«High intensity, lots of feedback. I have become more conscious at how I work as a photographer. Hopefully the effects will be stronger over time.»
Erik Waage

«Thanks for a great workshop. :-)»