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“Along the streets of Prague”

Join us and experience beautiful Prague. This jewel in the middle of Europe is both a historical, cultural and human melting pot.

Not least as a photographer, the Czech capital has an endless amount to offer, of beautiful architecture and impressive urban spaces, of mood and atmosphere, of street crowds—either in the old parts of the city or along the banks of the Vltava—and not at least of people and public life.

There is something special about walking around the world’s big cities with a camera around your neck to capture the city’s soul and atmosphere. One must be both open and receptive to visual impressions, one must be quick on the trigger when something happens and at the same time one must be able to anticipate, indeed almost be a bit far-sighted, and await a situation before it occurs. Street photography is a classic discipline that is both exciting and challenging for the photographer behind the camera. Not least this applies to a city like Prague, where history lies in every cobblestone and alley and building, where around every corner a photographer meets new experiences and new opportunities. Few cities give so much of themselves.

I was very inspired to learn more. The daily image evaluation was very helpful. This is where you see how things can be done differently, what was good and how you can do it next time. Very instructive.

Participant in the last photography workshop in Prague

“Streets in Prague” is a photography workshop that will take you in and around this beautiful capital in central Europe. With Otto von Münchow as your guide and teacher, you will not only get to experience Prague as the beautiful city it is, but you will also be guided in how best to photograph when you walk along the streets.

We will stroll around partly in teams, partly individually, where Otto will constantly pour out his knowledge. And then we will take the time to talk about and evaluate the photos that you take every day. Otto has held photo workshops in all corners and cities of the world—and is an experienced photographer who has worked for major international and national media. This is guaranteed to be an exciting experience.

Practical information:

The workshop is planned so that we fly from Norway on the morning of 7 September. The exact time depends on which city you are traveling from. Basically, we aim to have the time after lunch to get started. We then use the days as efficiently as possible to see and photograph different parts of Prague. Time will also be set aside for Otto’s lectures and photo critique of the photos you have taken on the photo walks. The return will be after lunch on Sunday 10 October.

This will be an intimate and personal workshop with plenty of time for the individual participant. For that reason, the number of participants is limited to 8 people. This can mean that the workshop can quickly fill up. Participants are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. You are only registered as a participant when the advance has been paid.

The price for the workshop is 700 euros. It covers the participation fee. An advance of 150 euros is paid upon enrollment.

Sign up by clicking the red tab on the left. Or write to us for more information by e-mail to Otto or call 92 04 44 65