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«Telling Stories with Photos»

© Nicolaas Kuipers

Come along to beautiful Bleik in Vesterålen in Northern Norway and become a better photographer. In this workshop, we focus on storytelling and the visual language. Do you feel that your photos aren’t always as you would have liked them to be? Or maybe you feel you need inspiration to move forward in your photography? Join Bleik, then. I promise five educational, inspiring and intense days.

Every day we will venture out together and photograph in this traditional fishing village located far north on the isle of Andøya. You will meet fishermen and locals and portray their lives with your camera. Through lectures and daily feedback on the photos you capture, you will be guided in how to better be able to tell these stories visually.

During the workshop, I will provide you with new ideas and thoughts – and constantly challenge you to take chances and become better as a photographer. I am going to talk about the visual elements and the tools you use when telling stories with photos. I want to train you to see deeper. That’s actually where it all starts. If you don’t see, you won’t be able to take pictures either. And by “seeing” I mean beyond looking like we do all the time. It’s about seeing with new eyes to discover the extraordinary of everyday life – in which some of the secret to strong imagery lies.

Bleik has everything a photographer might desire. A strong history and culture, not the least expressed through a visual trait that is recognizable everywhere in the fishing village. Not least, Bleik consists of people who are shaped by the dramatic nature they are surrounded by. The fishing village has just over 450 residents, which makes it easy to get in touch with people. They are open and down to earth.

© Nicolaas Kuipers

We will stay in the old but renovated fisherman’s cabins run by Midnight Sun Camping, just off the fishing port and within walking distance to the store, cafe and pub. Close by is Norway’s longest and perhaps most beautiful sandy beach.

Thank you and Sven for a fantastic workshop in every way. You are a dream team and besides learning, I experienced a tremendous joy in being present in a wonderfully colorful country.

Participant on the last workshop I organized, in Bolivia

The photo workshop at Bleik is led by Otto von Münchow. I am a professional photographer with extensive experience both as a photographer and as a workshop instructor. During the workshop at Bleik, I will emphasize developing the individual student’s understanding and use of the visual language. As a participant in this workshop, you will learn how to transform what you see with your eyes into strong, visual stories that will capture the your audience. I will teach you and show examples from my own work on how to build a story in a photograph, and then we will practice every day.

This workshop is aimed at photographers of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer. Through daily photo critique, I want to stimulate the development of new visual ideas and creativity that will stretch your habitual notions of what good photography is. The workshop is less about technique than about pictures, but of course we will also talk about technique when and if necessary. However, the main focus is on imagery and creativity. During the five days of the workshop, each participant will be encouraged to create images that show passion, life, light and content that feels alive. As a participant, you will receive individual feedback and guidance on developing your strengths and how to overcome your photographic weaknesses.

© Nicolaas Kuipers

Practical Information

The photo workshop takes place at Bleik in Vesterålen. We start on Wednesday September 21nd after lunch and end on Sunday September 25th at 2 pm.

We stay at Midnight Sun Camping in Bleik, in newly renovated fisherman’s cabins. Rooms are equipped with refrigerators and TVs. Large terrace on the second floor and free wifi throughout the building. Accommodation is not included in the workshop fee and must be booked directly at Midnight Sun Camping: – tel: (+47) 47 84 32 19 (prices NOK 890, – in single room or NOK 750, – in double room, per night).

Travel and transport: The airline company Norwegian has regular flights to Evenes or Andenes, close by Bleik.

The focus of the workshop will be on developing your visual language and narrative voice, and on storytelling with photos. Every day we meet for inspiration, lectures and not least photo critique of photos taken during the workshop. Otherwise, during the day you work on a photo project. Otto will be out photographing with the participants, partly individually, partly in teams when suitable. He will be available to participants at all times.

This will be an intimate and personal workshop with a lot of time for each participant. For this reason, the number of participants is limited to 12 persons. This may lead to the workshop filling up quickly. Participants are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only when the deposit is paid will you be registered as a participant.

The price for the workshop is € 720 (or US $ 810) by registration before June 15th. After that, the price is € 830 (or US $ 935). It covers the participation fee. A deposit of € 230 (or US $ 260) is needed on registration. The balance must be paid by July 31st. Invoice is sent upon registration.

Sign up by clicking the red tab to the left. Or write us for more information by email to Otto or call (+47) 92 04 44 65.

© Nicolaas Kuipers