This eBook will make you take better photographs. Learn to understand what it is that makes a photo tick and captivate your viewers. If you are struggling with getting your photos look good or too often find that your photos don’t quite capture what you had in mind then 10 Great Tips is a book for you. It will teach you have to change your game to the better.

Cameras are constantly getting better and easier to handle. However, a camera cannot think for you or distinguish between a terrible photo, an ordinary photo or a masterpiece, no matter how advanced it is. You still have to take command of the photographic moment and the camera. This is what 10 Great Tips is about.

Even with “only” a point-and-shoot camera or a cell phone, you can easily improve your photos with a few adjustments and a little bit of knowledge as to what makes a better photo. All the tips and suggestions in this eBook can be conducted with a point-and-shoot camera. However, they are just as relevant if you use a more advanced camera.

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