Blue Hour Photo Workshops will continuously announce new photo workshops. Our intent is to offer workshop in fascinating places around the world and with interesting themes. These are the workshops we have planned for the near future:

“Along the streets of Prague”

The Czech Republic, September 7th to 10th 2023

Discover one of Europe’s most amazing capitals. Emerge into the cultural melting pot, all while photographing Praguers, the flourishing culture and the stunning architecture with its breathtaking mix of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance styles that is hard to find anywhere else in Europe. This photo workshop will take you right into this vigorous blend.

I was very inspired to learn more. The daily image evaluation was very helpful. This is where you see how things can be done differently, what was good and how you can do it next time. Very instructive.

Participant in the last photography workshop in Prague

Street Photography in Granada

Nicaragua, October 23rd to 31st 2023

A week full of adventures and photography in and around beautiful Granada in Nicaragua, that’s what this photo tour will offer you. We will use Granada as a base and venture out in town and the extraordinary countryside surrounding Granada. Every day the participants will get feedback and guidance so that they can develop their photography and become better photographers. All while experience this beautiful part of the world. The workshop is organized by Sven Creutzmann and Otto von Münchow. Are you ready for the adventure?

On the Tracks of Che Guevara

Bolivia, November 5th to 15th 2023

This photo workshop/tour takes you to one of the most extraordinary countries in South America. Bolivia is rich in culture, nature and not the least in history. One of the most dramatic events took place in 1965, and during this photo workshop we will follow the events that took place back then. We will visit the small towns and village that were in the centre of those historic episodes. Every day you will come across astonishing photo opportunities.

Thank you both for a fantastic workshop in every way. You are a dream team and besides learning, I experienced a tremendous joy in being present in a wonderfully colorful country.

Participant on our Bolivia workshop in 2019

Fashion, Models and Animals

South Africa, 2023 (TBA)

Have you ever wished to shoot just like a professional fashion photographer? With the guidance of Sven, learn how to shoot amazing images of models, Fashion and animals just like a Pro, in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.